Sometimes love blooms unexpectedly

like a plant reduced to a few dried up stalks and withered leaves

put into a shaded and secluded corner

which after months, years of benign neglect

suddenly puts forth the most vivid blue flowers

and sweeps you off your feet.


Sometimes love grows imperceptibly inch by inch

through the days, the meetings, the messages

with each small new leaf of contact and connection

until suddenly there is a realisation

that your two lives have become entwined

like climbers up a pergola.


Sometimes all it seems to take is just one look

a single glance

or the lightest of touches

a hint of scent in the air

and with that you are hooked for life

(or at least until the next lily comes along).


What a mystery love is!  Glorious, intoxicating, infuriating, bewildering and heart-breakingly amazing.

26 February 2017


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