Something beginning with W

Something beginning with W


(This was inspired by an exchange on Twitter between Gem Dale and Mike Shaw on 14/7/17)


I spy with my little eye something beginning with W…


Wifi, water, Wales,

whales and waves,

wild animals,

wombats, wriggling worms,

worrisome rabbits,

woods with wolves,

wet and windy,

walking along winding roads

wending our way,

in our wellies,

to warming wood fires

in wood-framed watering holes

whilst a wide-angled lens captures,

willing bride and groom,

wedding cake and bells

and on a window-sill

wizened apples wait and wilt,

while within, Granny, witch to some,

reads to her wide-eyed grandchild Willy Wonka

while further along the road at the gym,

workers worried at their widening frames

(and wobbly bits)

workout and lift weights,

whilst watching,

past the watershed,

wily politicians

weaving their web

and wails of want and wars,

once written of by Wilfred Owen,

fill our wide-screens.


We sip our wine,

weary from a week at work,

but now warmed and rosy

we unwind, with our loved ones,

as our weekend welcomes us.



15th July 2017


(image from Pixabay)


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