Three Poems about Stillness



Here in the city

hot, bright and busy

we find a space

with living walls of green.


Here we sit, secluded

alongside pools of dark water

green with weeds

glinting with flickering fish

our feet in dappled sun.


Around us fig and oleander

move in time with the breeze

while birds call to each other

a never-ending tapestry of trills and flutings.


We un-focus in the scented air

amongst the many-coloured greens

and are still.



19th April 2017



Where the purple daisies flower


Where the purple daisies flower

with foxgloves and roses

where tall yellow irises reach for the sky

in the inside out place

where olive trees shade

and orange blossom fills the air

there I contemplate all that I have seen.


Athens, National Archeological Museum

20th April 2017



There are times


There are times when I crave stillness and silence,

space to enfold and wrap around me,

to shut the door and just be.


Where each moment can stretch out


each thought can emerge

fully and slowly,

each feeling recognised

and greeted,

acknowledged and absorbed.


How I long for space and time

to see the breeze move the leaves,

and the light reflected,

to feel the warmth of the sun

or be cocooned in my quilt,

to be the breath as it rises and falls,

to hear the wind in the trees

and the traffic on the highway,

to be still.


4th April 2017


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